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  • TOPIV or TWIN  : Swing Type Sprue / Parts Pickers  


    • TOPIV ( Famous TOPIV Picker )

             Descent Arm ( Y Axis ) : Pneumatic Operation ( Nozzle Center Location )

      •          Non-Telescopic, Festo Actuator, Ball Bush, Shock Absorber

             Swing Angle ( Z Axis ) : Pneumatic Operation

      •          Festo Actuator, Angle Adjustment Mechanism from 30 ~ 85 Deg  ( Operator and Non Operator Sprue Drop )

             Kick Stroke ( X Axis ) : Pneumatic Operation, Quick Set up by manual.

      •          Single Arm Support, Festo Actuator, Ball Roller Bearing.

             HYNC-200 LCD Screen Controller

             Body Attached Control Box (DC Power Generator, Molding Machine Interface board, Main Control Board, Relay )

             SPI Robot/IMM Electrical Interface : Euromap 12

             One Gripper Circuit with Monitoring Sensor input : HYRobotics Standard Sprue Gripper included.

             One Printed Manual for self installation.

             Individually Packaged in Thick Paper Pallet


      ü       Steel Die-casting Body for durability with high precision robot position..

      ü       German Engineered Festo Actuator for all Motion Axis

      ü       Speed flow control for finding optimized speed.

      ü       One Touch Stroke adjustment for Each Axis.

      ü       Cable career to protect the wire and pneumatic tubing.

      ü       Large size shock absorber for Descent Motion.

      ü       Aluminum extruded profile Kick arm for light weight with high strength.

      ü       Pneumatic circuit with gripper and sensing confirms sprue removed from mold.

      ü       Optional Vacuum generator with sensing switch at the end of robot arm, it is easy to reach and confirm sensing.

      ü       Easy to confirm with Bright Red LED for Robot and Molding Machine Interface.

      ü       One touch swivel bracket for operator side or non-operator side drop for sprue

      ü       CE Certified Handy Controller to operate machine.

      ü       Good and clean design.

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