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          HYNC-200 Controller

  • HYNC-200 Provide easy and simplified motion control for injection molding Automation using soft keypad with LCD Screen. Each Mode selection step will allow easy molded parts take out automation and minimize your set up time and thus maximize your profit.


Basic Feature

  • Palm Style hand held control pendant with soft key pad and LCD Screen..

  • Magnetic Back Plate on controller to reduce dropping by butter fingered.

  • Developed specially for the molding industry by automation engineer with years of experience in the filed.

  • Programming required no special skill or knowledge with mode selection procedures or saved motion pattern in the control. Manual , Step by Step, Auto operation. ( 1 Hour Course )

  • Mold take our Routine are made by mode selection method in program.

  • Individual Timer set up for precision operation of robot

  • LCD screen shows Counter, Input / Output signal, step and timer control

  • Minimal floor space required, Handy control pendant mounted small space of molding machines with body attached control box.

  • Selectable sprue placement during outbound or return traverse motion.

  • Selectable posture control at product extract side.

  • Selectable fixed mold half or moving mold half product extraction.

  • Languages:  English and Korean

  • Conveyor or secondary equipment start signal.

  • Defective product rejecting circuit.

  • Servo Axis has function for stacking on conveyor.

  • Robot Ejector control can be selected for maximum productivity

  • Undercut feature installed in side of mold to get way from core

  • Vertical Swivel or External Nipper operation is possible with optional mechanism

  • Mold Manager can save up to 99 new mold

  • Position with Servo Motor can be set with Jog Button

  • English Manual ensure all operation and maintenance.

  • VECT, MAX, MACH-II, MACH, HIT Series Robot Controller.

Manual Mode

  • Soft Keyt Pad operate Servo and Pneumatic Operation

  • Manual Operation speed can be set up.

Step Mode

  • Take Out Side : Nozzle, Clamp, Parts Drop : Conveyor or In Mold

  • U Style or L Style Motion etc

  • Over 100 Selection Program selectable with mode selection method including horizontal stacking.

  • After select mode, 1 step by 1 step can be operated.

  • 1 High speed cycle without molding machine can be operated ( Mold need to be open with safety door closed )

Auto Mode

  • Press Auto will activate automatic operation with molding machine.

  • When safety door closed, molding machine is in auto, mold close and mold open, robot arm will start go down.

  • After recover from alarm, press auto will go back to home position to wait.

Easy Maintenance and I.O

  • I.O Screen will display each Input/ Output is on or off.

  • Sealed NSK Motion guide does not require grease for long time.



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