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  • Keba Controller provide easy and simplified motion control for sophisticated injection molding Robot Automation using color touch screen , servo Jog button, and play back step by step motion control. New concept Robot control technology will allow easy plant automation and minimize your set up time and thus maximize your profit. EPIK, UNIK Series robot will be used with this controller.



Powerful hand held control pendant with full color touch screen.

Basic Features

  • Developed specially for the molding industry by automation engineer with years of experience in the filed.

  • Programming required no special skill or knowledge with Mode Selection Method

  • Expandable up to unlimited step

  • Mold take our Routine are made by teaching the robot via easy menu driven programming.

  • Complex task like parts stacking, palletized insert loading and post process operation are easily accomplished by entering the basic data for the task.

  • Input, output and logic circuits allow easy integration with other equipment.

  • Languages:  English, Spanish and Korean

  • Input / output signal display with LED style icon in Touch Screen for easy maintenance. ( In Auto, Manual, Step Screen )

  • Minimal floor space required, stand for control pendant may be replaced with beam mounted switches and hanger.

  • Conveyor or secondary equipment start signal.

  • Defective product rejecting circuit.

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Main Screen


  • Simple Main Screen allow operator easy to navigate all screen to access.

  • Login Access function to allow qualified person allow to change mold file setting.

  • Simple one Homing screen for clearing all the mixed signal to clear with machine interface and user output.

  • System turn off key to make sure to follow up procedure of step.


User Registration

  • Register each user with password.

  • Each user has level of access programming and modification



Mold File Screen.

  • Creating new mold with one touch button.

  • Open exisiting saved mold to recalll mold file.

  • Copy exisiting mold file with different name with pattern of motion ( without position ) or all data including position.

  • Rename mold file with different name.

  • Delete mold file when mold project is not available.

Position Set Screen


  • Select Take Out Posion and move robot and save

  • Select Release Positon and move robot and save


Mode Select Screen


  • User friendly Mode Select

  • Ejector Control use or no use

  • Core Use or No Use

  • Soft Torque ( Kick Axis servo Free Mode ) use or no use

  • Program Degug mode use or no use etc


Input/Output Screen


  • user Friendly input and output screen

Line by Line programming or debuging mode

  • Fully programmable line by line programming model

  • Debugging mode for programming

  • Add positon

  • Add Output

  • Add Subroutine.

  • - Programming skill required to access this screen.

Download Mold file to USB or connect PC

  • Download mold file to USB

  • Connect with PC.

  • PC programming is possible with PLC unit





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